Lunch Box notes from Project Life or Pocket Scrapbooking Cards

Today was the first day back to school for us! That means we are back to packing lunches every day. Surprisingly, I have never put a lunch box note in Gavin’s lunch in the 3 years that he has been going to elementary school. I have pinned a lot of printable ones from Pinterest and still have never followed through.

As a scrapbooker, I love buying paper crafting supplies. Earlier this year I purchased some pocket scrapbooking cards from my Close to My Heart website that were in the clearance section. I have never done that type of scrapbooking but I love the look of it and thought I might get into it. Several months later these are still in my crafting cabinet. I came across them a few weeks ago and realized they would make super cute lunch box notes!

Lunch Box notes from Project Life or Pocket Scrapbooking Cards

If you scrapbook or just love the supplies, you may have some of these cards hanging around as well! If you don’t have journaling cards or pocket scrapbooking cards, you could also make your own from all of the extra supplies that I know we all have!

I may not keep including these every day in Gavin’s lunch, but I will definitely keep it up. He says he is going to save them all in his desk that he has in his bedroom! 🙂

Lunch Box notes from Project Life or Pocket Scrapbooking Cards

18 comments on “Use Leftover Journaling Cards for DIY Lunch Box Notes”

  1. This is such a sweet idea. Our children are grown and all moved out now but I have a huge amount of scrapbook supplies. I am going to use some of them to add love notes to my husband’s briefcase or overnight bag.

  2. The kids love finding notes in their lunchbox (so do your bubbies or wives.) A little encouraging note from home can make all the difference in someone’s day.

  3. I used to love getting notes from my mom in my lunchbox! I love the papers you found. What a cute creative touch.

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