A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out all of our spring and Easter books from our storage closet. I try to rotate books in and out to keep things interesting. We’ve also checked out some really cute spring books from the library as well. We are always looking for new books so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments for us. 

I am currently tossing around the idea of doing some art workshops for kids this summer. I love crafting with my kids and think I would enjoy teaching and helping others express their creativity. I’m just not sure if I can come up with enough projects so I’ve checked a few different books out, and so far 500 Kids Art Ideas has been my favorite. It is just a catalog of art projects but it has great pictures. It has given me some ideas and then I can research them online.

I am also currently checking out the recipe book Will It Waffle. As I mentioned in my Egg Waffle post, we recently got a waffle maker. We really enjoy finding new recipes and trying new things that can be done in the waffle maker.


Gavin is still enjoying the My Weird School and Ricky Ricotta’s Might Robot chapter book series. He has almost read every book in both of these so we are looking for some new series that he can start. We picked up a few from the Jake Drake series and a Captain Underpants at our last trip to the library. I think both of these are going to be a hit with him.


Graylie has moved on to some of the Easter books that we recently pulled out of our collection.She really enjoys all the lift-the-flap books. She has also latched on to one that we have had since she was a baby called Goodnight Baby. It is a really cute book that has different animals attached to ribbons that you can tuck into bed. She has pulled all of the animals off the ribbons so that she can put them into their slots easier.


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