Easy Craft for DIY Bird FeedersThe end of summer is closing in on us! Fortunately, we have done almost everything on our summer bucket list. One of our items was to make nature crafts. I have been wanting to do this bird feeder project for a few weeks now but just hadn’t gotten the supplies. It is so super easy and the kids had a blast making them!

You really only need a few supplies:

  • cardboard tubes (We used a mix of paper towel and toilet paper rolls.)
  • peanut butter
  • bird seed

First, spread the peanut butter all over the outside of the cardboard tubes. We used dip spreaders since I didn’t really trust everyone with knives. Then, roll the tube into the bird seed. I poured the bird seed into some leftover paper plates. They were the perfect size and depth for this project.

easy DIY bird feeder craft for kids

That is all there is to it! Then, we slipped these onto branches and waited to see if we had any visitors. The birds were definitely coming in to check these out. The biggest fans though have been the squirrels. They have been going crazy and have managed to pull some of these off the branches. The kids have had so much fun watching it all!

DIY Bird Feeder Craft for Kids Cardboard Tube DIY Bird Feederscardboard tube DIY bird feeders

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  1. I remember making bird feeders like this when I was younger! So much fun, and I loved watching the birds fly up to them and eat the seeds. Such a cool craft to do these last few days of summer.

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