Why start a blog? What is this all about?

Last summer, the company that I work for announced that we would be going through a transition and that the assets were going to be put on the market. I was concerned about losing my job and started brainstorming on what my next step should be. Later that fall, I got excited about the idea of starting a blog. I made lots of notes on what I could write about and started dreaming about my next adventure. (more…)

Welcome to Glitter on a Dime!

Welcome to my new blog, Glitter on a Dime! My name is Heather and I am a working mom of two, Gavin (7) and Graylie (2). I am an accounting manager for a commercial real estate company. Since accounting can be pretty boring, I am hoping this blog will be a creative outlet for me. My dream is to be able to get out of that desk job world and do something creative to be home more for my family.