Menu Monday

I have been on a mission to keep a weekly monthly grocery budget! This is a lot harder than I realized. It definitely helps that we meal plan each week and also use leftovers as much as possible. This weekend we grilled chicken so we saved the leftover chicken for rice bowls. This is a super easy and quick meal for weeknights. (more…)

Menu Monday

Weekly Meal Plan

Last week we tried an amazing sheet pan recipe with Chicken and Veggies. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to look for another recipe. The one we decided to try this week was a Sheet Pan Steak and Veggies. It was very similar to last week’s choice but was not near as delicious. Β Instead of cooking the entire recipe to have leftovers, I decided to chop everything up and save half of it for the next night. That worked out really well for us this week. (more…)

Rocking Motherhood Challenge

I have been invited to join in on the Rocking Motherhood Challenge by a new friend, Kristen on Instagram. She is a fellow mom and you can check her out at and on Instagram. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful the community is on Instagram. Thank you Kristen for nominating me! πŸ™‚

This Rocking Motherhood Challenge is definitely a challenge for me. If you had said name 10 failures of motherhood, I could write all day. The mommy guilt of a working mom can sometimes be so overwhelming that you forget to stop and think aboutΒ all the things you are doing right in their little lives. It has been a great exercise for me to reflect on those things….. (more…)

Menu Monday

Meal PlanningWelcome back to Menu Monday! We tried a couple of new recipes this week and they were both delicious! Saturday I made a recipe called One Pan Chicken and Veggies.Wow! It really was so delicious! I was hoping this would last us two meals but we ate more than half of it so I had to rethink my menu for this week on Day One! (more…)

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken

I am almost embarrassed to share this recipe because it is so easy! I feel like I should because it definitely comes in handy for a busy family. If you are trying to find something simple to cook to avoid heading through the drive-thru, then this Slow Cooker Hawaiian Chicken recipe is for you. It only requires four ingredients and a Crock Pot! πŸ™‚

Crock Pot Chicken


Where to find $1 Movies This Summer

summer $1 MoviesOne of my favorite things to do on a hot day is head to a nice cool movie theater! We all know how expensive it has gotten to take your family to see a movie. In the summer, there are lots of family friendly movies that are offered for only $1. There is a catch though. These movies are only offered on the weekdays and they usually start around 10:00 A.M. That is great timing for those of us who are still hanging on to the fact that the little one might take an afternoon nap! (more…)

Some Kinda Wonderful – Scrapbooking Made Easy!

scrapbooking layoutsLast month I participated in a blog hop where I tried using one of the Workshop Your Way Scrapbooking Kits from Close to My Heart. I enjoyed that so much that I challenged myself to try another one and share it with you this month. I chose the Some Kinda Wonderful line this time. This is the last month this kit will be available. There is a whole new line coming out in May and I am super excited about those too! (more…)