My First Trip to ALDI – Favorite Finds

We have had an ALDI grocery store for at least a couple of years now. I have several friends who love it and have recommended different products to me. They have also told me about the great deals you can find there. I finally decided to make a visit there over the weekend. The weekend may not have been the best time to do this. Although, it was either go on the weekend or go with an unpredictable three year old.

Favorite Finds at ALDI

I knew before going that I would need to bring my own bags and that I would need a quarter for a grocery cart. In case you have never been, you do get the quarter back once you return the cart. These are a couple of things they do differently to keep prices lower. (more…)

Kid-Approved Nut-Free Homemade Granola

Have you ever tried making your own granola cereal? It is so easy and tastes way better than the store bought variety! I’ve made a few different recipes before but decided I wanted to try making a nut-free version. Some of the schools and camps around here do not allow snacks or lunches containing nuts.

I decided to use oats, Cheerios, puffed rice and sunflower seeds. You could always add in dried fruit or coconut flakes as well. (more…)

Cow Appreciation Day Ideas

Did you know this year Cow Appreciation Day is Tuesday, July 11th? You may not even know what I am talking about and that is okay! It is one glorious day of the year where you can get a FREE Chick-fil-a Meal! All you have to do is dress up like a cow. That may sound a little crazy but it is actually super easy!

We did this a few years ago. At that point we had a couple of foam cow masks laying around the house. It is crazy the things you end up with when there are children living in your home!

dress like a cow

To add to the masks, I took a white shirt that we had and drew cow markings on it with a sharpie marker. (more…)

From High Heels to Flip Flops – Taking a Leap of Faith!

Am I the only one who struggles with balancing a career and being a mom? This past year my life has seemed so out of balance that I felt like something needed to change. Yesterday was my last day at my job after 11 years. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made and I still question did I make the right decision. There are so many questions. Will we be able to make it as a one income family? Is this the right thing for my children? Am I crazy for leaving a secure position? Did I just throw 11 years away to have to start all over when I decide to go back to work? Is my husband really okay with this? (more…)

No Worries – Scrapbooking Made Easy!

Menu Monday

meal prepThis will be the last Menu Monday for a few weeks. I’ll still be meal planning over the summer but it will be way more flexible. It could involve lots of random salads and grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ll still be trying new recipes that I find on Pinterest so I’ll be sure to post those on Facebook!

This week got thrown off a little. The dish we were supposed to have on Sunday called for chicken that I had in the freezer. Around 4:00 it hit me that I had never taken it out of the freezer! Good thing I had all the ingredients for our all time favorite Lasagna Soup! (more…)

Easy Smoothie Prep

Do you have an appliance that you use everyday? For us it is the espresso machine and the smoothie blender. I make the kids a Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Smoothie every day. I keep waiting for them to get tired of it. Since they have one every day, I prep them three at a time. The accountant in me loves the efficiency of this process.

We have the Ninja Professional Blender and Nutri Ninja Cups. This makes our mornings so much easier! It only comes with two cups so I always order another set of cups so that we have extra to make ahead. (more…)

Menu Monday

Weekly Meal Plan

It officially feels like summer! School is out on Friday and the pool has been open for weeks! If you are like us, we love being able to grill out more. This weekend I tried a new recipe for Sausage and Veggie Foil Packs. These would be awesome to take on a camping trip. We used a bratwurst sausage in ours and threw them on the grill. The next night we grilled chicken and corn on the cob. Delicious! (more…)

Menu Monday

Meal PlanningHappy Memorial Day! I hope everyone had a great time this weekend! We definitely took advantage of the long weekend with a trip to the zoo and our first pool outing of the season. So much fun! In fact I was so busy with swim suits and sunscreen that I forgot to start our pork tenderloin in the crock pot this morning. We improvised with a new recipe for the grill so it worked out nicely! (more…)

Little Dreamer – Scrapbooking Made Easy!

scrapbooklayoutAs I mentioned last month, I have challenged myself to scrapbook every month. My goal is to complete three double page layouts using the Workshop Your Way Scrapbooking Kits by Close to My Heart. I could not meet this challenge without the help of these kits. They keep me focused on what I am working on and give me a starting point. Once I choose a kit, I decide what kind of pictures I want to use. Since I have several years of pictures to do this has not been a problem. (more…)