Back to School Favorites from Trader Joe’s

Great snacks for school With back to school on the horizon, it is time to start thinking about school lunches and snacks again. I have to admit,Β packing lunches is not one of my favorite things. I wish I was more into it. There are so many great ideas out there especially on Pinterest.

We usually make a run to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some of our back to school favorites. Now that I am shopping at ALDI, this may change a little for us in the months to come. I love to have convenient snacks available to throw into their backpacks. (more…)

Circle Painting – Easy Craft for All Ages

Circle Painting is an easy craft for all ages

I am a huge fan of Instagram! I should have known that I would be. I am obsessed with pictures. Not only do I love looking at all the pictures, I love getting all the great ideas! There are a few accounts that I follow that do weekly challenges. One of my absolute favorites is called Smocks On. This group is all about getting crafty with your kids. They want to see the parents getting involved in the projects as well. A couple of weeks ago the challenge was to do art with shapes. I immediately thought of this circle painting project that I had been wanting to do. (more…)

Grocery Budget Busted – ALDI to the Rescue!

As I mentioned before, I am not great at personal budgeting. I’m not sure what I was thinking. We came up with a number for a monthly budget on groceries and I guess I just thought it would magically happen. I sat down last weekend and added up all my grocery charges and realized I had already gone over by about $50! How did that happen? With a little over a week left in the month, I wasn’t sure what to do. We could cover it but I really wanted to stick as close to the budget as possible. (more…)

Back to School Finds at Dollar Tree

How is it really already that time again? Time for buying back packs, markers, folders, paper, lunchboxes, etc. Back to School can be stressful when you are trying to find the best deals on all these items. Last week before we checked out Aldi’s, we decided to pop into Dollar TreeΒ to scope out the best items for back to school!

Dollar Tree Back To School Shopping

Not all items are the best price or best quality at Dollar Tree.You really have to watch for prices related to quantity and brand. I always buy my markers and crayons at Target or Wal-Mart during Back to School sales when they have Crayola or Rose Art marked down. (more…)

My First Trip to ALDI – Favorite Finds

We have had an ALDI grocery store for at least a couple of years now. I have several friends who love it and have recommended different products to me. They have also told me about the great deals you can find there. I finally decided to make a visit there over the weekend. The weekend may not have been the best time to do this. Although, it was either go on the weekend or go with an unpredictable three year old.

Favorite Finds at ALDI

I knew before going that I would need to bring my own bags and that I would need a quarter for a grocery cart. In case you have never been, you do get the quarter back once you return the cart. These are a couple of things they do differently to keep prices lower. (more…)

Kid-Approved Nut-Free Homemade Granola

Have you ever tried making your own granola cereal? It is so easy and tastes way better than the store bought variety! I’ve made a few different recipes before but decided I wanted to try making a nut-free version. Some of the schools and camps around here do not allow snacks or lunches containing nuts.

I decided to use oats, Cheerios, puffed rice and sunflower seeds. You could always add in dried fruit or coconut flakes as well. (more…)