Menu Monday – Freezer Challenge Week 4

Stock your Freezer the Easy way with leftovers. Check out this menu plan. Week four of freezer challenge.Wow! I can’t believe I am halfway through the Freezer Challenge! This can actually be kind of addicting for a food addict like myself. If you are new here, I am currently doing a six week challenge to stock the freezer. This challenge is based on my previous post Stock Your Freezer the Easy Way.

Last week I made Chicken Taquitos and Classic Lasagna for the freezer. I actually made so much lasagna that we will be having another meal for leftovers this week. I told you I can get carried away sometimes and the kids really didn’t care for it. Go figure? I’ll still serve it to them again and maybe by the time we have finished our freezer stash they will learn to love it. (more…)

Fall Favorites from Trader Joe’s

Fall Favorites from Trader Joe's!It is my favorite time of year! Fall is here bringing cooler temperatures, beautiful falling leaves, pumpkins and all kinds of yummy fall treats! One of my favorite places to shop for treats is Trader Joe’s. When we went a couple of weeks ago, we were excited to see all of the fun fall items out. We loaded up our cart with all kinds of yummy items! (more…)

Scrapbooking Made Easy – Cats & Bats

Scrapbooking Made Easy with CTMH Workshop on Go KitsLast month I took a break from the scrapbooking challenge to get my photos organized. That was definitely time well spent! In case you are new here, I am very far behind (at least 7 years) on my scrapbooking. My oldest child is 8 years old and I did complete his first year album before I began this challenge. To make it easier for me to get caught up, I am using the Close to My Heart Workshops Your Way Scrapbooking Kits each month. Each of these kits has a certain theme and enough materials to make at least three double page layouts. (more…)

Menu Monday – Freezer Challenge Week 2

Weekly Meal Plan Freezer Challenge to help stock your freezer the easy way with leftovers.I am excited to be starting Week Two of the Six Week Freezer Challenge. Last week I was able to freeze four meals, three pans of Chicken Tetrazzini and one family size bowl of Chicken Taco Soup. This challenge is based off my previous postΒ Stock Your Freezer the Easy Way. I am hoping to freeze enough meals during this six weeks to make the holiday season easier. This will be a quick way to feed my family during this busy time and also help us save extra money. We all know we spend way more money during this time of year! (more…)

Scholastic Book Club Orders – $1 Books

Scholastic Book Orders - $1 Deals

It is that time of year again! School has been back in session for a few weeks and the anticipated book flyer for Scholastic Book Clubs showed up in our backpacks this week. We absolutely love scouring over all the images and books in these flyers. I wish I could get them every book in there. That is just not possible and I’m sure others feel the same way. Did you know that every flyer has a book offered for only $1.00? And that you don’t have to just order from your child’s flyer? (more…)

Menu Monday – Freezer Challenge Week 1

Weekly Meal Plan with the intention of stocking the freezer with leftovers.Week One of the freezer challenge for Menu Monday is off to a good start! If you are curious about this challenge, it is inspired by my last post Stock Your Freezer the Easy Way. The basic concept is to choose two to three recipes to include in your meal plan for the week that will have leftovers that can be frozen. This is great if you have family members who do not like leftovers. Put the leftovers in the freezer and then pull them out a few weeks later. Heat them in the oven or on the stove and they won’t even realize they are eating leftovers! πŸ˜‰ I’ll be doing this for six weeks and I would love for you to join me. (more…)

Stock Your Freezer the Easy Way!

Stock your freezer the easy way by using freezable leftovers.I love having meals prepared in my freezer but I’ve never been able to set aside hours at a time to do freezer meals. For me, the easiest way to stock the freezer is to freeze leftovers. This works for me because I am already preparing a meal anyway and have all the ingredients out that I need. Sometimes the recipe I am making is already large enough to have leftovers. This is usually the case for a lot of casserole dishes. Sometimes I add a few extra filler ingredients in to make it go farther. This works really well with soups. Sometimes I will just double the recipe. That is usually the route I take with baked goods. (more…)

Simple Steps to Organizing Years of Photos

Simple Ways to Organize Years of Photos for Scrapbookers

In March, I decided to start challenging myself to scrapbook a little each month. I had just signed up with Close to My Heart and thought I would try their Workshops Your Way Scrapbooking Kits. This has been such a great experience and I have completed so many layouts. The only problem I ran into was how much time I was wasting searching for the right pictures. I had pictures everywhere! They were in 4 or 5 different organizers, Shutterfly envelopes, and plastic boxes. (more…)