Painting Polka Dot Pumpkins with MarshmallowsIt seems like it may never turn fall here in North Carolina! It is making it hard for me to get into the spirit of putting out my decorations. We did have a very nice weekend a few weeks ago and painted some pumpkins. I thought it would be fun to do marshmallow painting on the pumpkins. Visions of perfectly painted polka dot pumpkins were in my head! :)

Spray Paint Pumpkins White Before Painting

The night before we painted the pumpkins I spray painted the pumpkins with white paint. This makes it easier for the paint to show up on the pumpkins. I think it also helps the colors to appear more vibrant.

Pumpkin Painting is a fun fall activity

When we were ready to paint, I gathered all of our supplies and took them outside. We used acrylic paint, paint brushes, marshmallows and assorted glitter.

Marshmallow Painting on Pumpkins

I encouraged them to paint the pumpkin a solid color with the paint brushes and then we would use the marshmallows to make really cute polka dots!

Marshmallow Painting on Pumpkins

Well, once the supplies started coming out, things started to get a little crazy! My first instinct was to stop them and get them back on track. We were supposed to be making polka dot pumpkins! Didn’t they understand?

Add glitter to the painted pumpkins to add sparkle

Then I remembered that this was supposed to be a fun activity and they would enjoy it way more if they could let their creativity run wild. That is way more important to me than having perfectly painted polka dot pumpkins for my blog!

Add glitter to the painted pumpkins to add sparkle

You know what? They absolutely love these pumpkins and think they are characters from the show Shimmer and Shine! They are right….these pumpkins are beautiful!

Marshmallow Painting and Glitter make super cute pumpkins!

After we were finished with the pumpkins, we still had some paint left on our plates. Well, you can’t let perfectly good paint go to waste. I looked down and saw the paper bag I had used to spray paint the pumpkins on. It was the perfect canvas so we painted it too!

Painting on a paper sack with leftover paint is a fun activity for kids

Sometimes I am so bad about having an idea in my head about how things should go. We all know that is so dangerous because things never go like you think they should. One of the things I am working on is letting go of perfection. Let the kids get dirty. Let them play and use their imaginations. Am I the only one who struggles with this? If so, please give me some tips on letting go!

Painting Polka Dot Pumpkins with Marshmallows


23 comments on “Marshmallow Painting Pumpkin Craft”

  1. It’s taking a long time to feel like fall over here in Pennsylvania too. I think it’s great you just let him go crazy and have at it. There’s been so many times where I tried to control a fun situation and didn’t turn out so fun. Looks like these girls had lots of fun

  2. My daughter was just talking about painting pumpkins (we usually carve) she wants to get two pumpkins and do both! This looks like a great idea. I like to do crafts like these as much as possible outside! I hate mess. What kind of paint did you use?

    • We love crafting outside! We used acrylic paints that we found at Target. They actually had a beautiful selection of paints!

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