Circle Painting is an easy craft for all ages

I am a huge fan of Instagram! I should have known that I would be. I am obsessed with pictures. Not only do I love looking at all the pictures, I love getting all the great ideas! There are a few accounts that I follow that do weekly challenges. One of my absolute favorites is called Smocks On. This group is all about getting crafty with your kids. They want to see the parents getting involved in the projects as well. A couple of weeks ago the challenge was to do art with shapes. I immediately thought of this circle painting project that I had been wanting to do.

When we were in Michael’s that week for Camp Creativity, I spotted a roll of white paper in their dollar section. I was pretty excited to find this. I don’t think the kids quite understood my excitement. Once I had the paper, I headed back to the acrylic paints and snagged a bottle of black paint for only 79 cents!

Circle Painting Supplies Circle Painting Supplies

The project is fairly simple. We squirted the black paint into paper plates. Then we used a paper towel tube to paint the circles onto the white paper. We also painted circles onto some blank note cards I had stashed in my craft cabinet.

Circle Painting ProcessCircle Painting Process

The hardest part for the kids was having to wait for the paint to dry. This only took about an hour though. Some of the circles were painted a little thicker than others! Once the black paint was dry, we used watercolors to paint the circle art that we had made.

Circle Painting Circle Painting with acrylic paint and watercolors.

I am pretty sure I enjoyed this part more than the kids! I had not used watercolor paints since I was a kid. I thought the result was beautiful!

I love artwork but I also like things with a purpose. I was thrilled to be able to turn this art project into handmade gift wrap and cards to use for special occasions.

Fun Circle Painting Idea!

Circle Painting is a great craft for all ages!


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  1. Great ideas – the personally made wrapping paper is so unique & beautiful – but too special to rip off & throw away! I love it but can especially see the handmade cards up on several refrigerators which is the highest compliment ever!!

  2. This is THE coolest idea ever. I seriously have leftover toilet paper rolls and an anxious toddler (he sees those as craft things — haha). So this is legit perfect.

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