Did you know this year Cow Appreciation Day is Tuesday, July 11th? You may not even know what I am talking about and that is okay! It is one glorious day of the year where you can get a FREE Chick-fil-a Meal! All you have to do is dress up like a cow. That may sound a little crazy but it is actually super easy!

We did this a few years ago. At that point we had a couple of foam cow masks laying around the house. It is crazy the things you end up with when there are children living in your home!

dress like a cow

To add to the masks, I took a white shirt that we had and drew cow markings on it with a sharpie marker. He wore his shirt and mask with black shorts. I wore my mask with a simple black dress. See how easy that is! We both received our meals completely free. This is a big deal to those of us who are obsessed with Chick-fil-a nuggets!

This year when I realized it was coming up, I was sad that we had misplaced the cow masks when we moved. I am pretty sure they were thrown out. Now it looks like we will making our entire costume this year. So if you don’t already have a cow mask, I have done some research for you. I have found a few different sites with great ideas.

  • Print and Cut Cow Mask -This first one I found is really easy. It is a downloadable PDF file. For this one you can just print it and wear it. I would love to be able to do this but our printer is down.
  • Cow HeadbandΒ – This one looks like a definite winner and the one I think Graylie will like the most. It looks like a lot of fun to make as well. We have all the supplies on hand. You basically only need card stock, glue and scissors.
  • Paper Plate Cow MaskΒ – This looks like a pretty simple mask to make. It is made from a basic white paper plate and only requires a few other supplies. If you don’t have a paper plate on hand, I think you could just draw a white circle on card stock and get the same effect.
  • Cow Faces and ShirtsΒ – This one is a great option if your little one is opposed to actually “wearing” the mask. She has made cow face masks and attached them to craft sticks. These are super cute! She also gives you some ideas on how to make the shirts.

We only have a couple of days to get our cow outfits together. I’ll post an update of what we come up with!

So, don’t forget! On Tuesday, wear your cow costume, visit any Chick-fil-a restaurant, and receive a free meal! Be sure to let me know if you go. I would love to see your costumes! πŸ™‚





20 comments on “Cow Appreciation Day Ideas”

  1. I had no idea this existed! I love the simple ideas you shared for celebrating. Kids will certainly like this, and if not tomorrow, they can do the activities another time. πŸ™‚

  2. This is so fun! It’s hilarious because my husband and I were thinking about doing this so now we have some ideas to do it! Anything for the free chicken right?

  3. That mask is way too cute!! I’ve been going to Cow Appreciation Day for the past five years. I have it marked on my calendar each year haha! (I’m 31 with no kinds lol)

  4. These are great ideas! We’ve never done Cow Day at CFA but we might need to do that this year. Some of my friends go all out with their costumes. They have a lot of fun with it!

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