Meal PlanningWelcome back to Menu Monday! We tried a couple of new recipes this week and they were both delicious! Saturday I made a recipe called One Pan Chicken and Veggies.Wow! It really was so delicious! I was hoping this would last us two meals but we ate more than half of it so I had to rethink my menu for this week on Day One!

Chicken and Veggies

On Sunday night, we made a yummy White Chicken Enchilada Dish. When we tried HelloFresh, Gavin really liked the enchiladas but didn’t care for the red sauce. That is what lead me to find this recipe and it was a hit. We also made a batch of Whole Grain Mini Donuts this weekend. I used to make these all the time but it had been a while so they gobbled these up.

Healthy Mini Donuts


Here is our plan for the week:

  • Saturday – One Pan Chicken and Veggies served with fresh corn on the cob
  • Sunday – White Chicken Enchiladas served with black beans and a mixed green salad
  • Monday – Leftover Enchiladas served with green peas
  • Tuesday – Foil Packet Hot Dog served with salad
  • Wednesday – Matt’s birthday so we’ll be picking up food from one of his favorite restaurants (Midwood Smokehouse)
  • Thursday – Marinara Pasta served with Green Beans
  • Friday – Takeout (It’s Cinco de Mayo so maybe we’ll get tacos!)

Hope everyone is having a great week! Let me know if you try any yummy new recipes!

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