hellofreshWe are giving HelloFresh a try this week! HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that delivers “fresh ingredients and healthy recipes straight to your door.” A friend of mine had posted a great picture of a meal she had prepared using HelloFresh and I was very intrigued. She sent me a coupon for $40 off so I decided to give it a shot.

On Saturday, our box of ingredients arrived. This was very exciting! If you saw last week’s meal plan, you saw a lot of chicken. I was excited to get out of the rut we were in and try some new things. I opened the box to find three beautiful recipe cards and a box full of groceries. I quickly put them in the refrigerator and started looking through the recipe cards.

The first night, I chose to make the Great Grape Pork Chops. I realized pretty quick that these recipes were a lot more involved than what I was used to. You are talking to girl who likes to dump some ingredients into a crock pot and be done! There was a lot of washing and chopping going on. I had to pull Matt in to help me out if we were going to get dinner on the table before bedtime. It was fun though and that was one of the best meals I have ever had. I had gone with the Family Plan for four people and we realized real quick that we had twice as much food than we needed.HelloFresh

Then on Sunday night, I made the Skillet Turkey Enchiladas. We don’t normally eat pork chops or ground turkey so I was taking us way out of our comfort zone. The Enchiladas were really good too and made enough for three meals for us. I have to say I did not enjoy them as much reheated tonight.

We will be having the Sesame Teriyaki Beef tomorrow night. If you are interested in hearing how that goes, you’ll have to check us out on Instagram. I’ll be sure to post a pic and let you know!

Here is the menu from the week:

  • Saturday – Great Grape Pork Chops from HelloFresh served with sweet potatoes and baby broccoli
  • Sunday – Skillet Turkey Enchiladas from HelloFresh served with a Lime Radish Salad
  • Monday – Leftover Skillet Turkey Enchiladas
  • Tuesday – Sesame Teriyaki Beef from HelloFresh served with Baby Bok Choy
  • Wednesday – Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili (from the freezer)
  • Thursday – Leftover Sesame Teriyaki Beef
  • Friday – Takeout

It was nice to have our meals already planned out this week but I am not sure it saved me a lot of time. I still had to go to the grocery store for lunch, snack, and breakfast items. It definitely did not save me any time in the kitchen either.

If you are still interested in trying this service, please use the code HMCOSC to get $40 off your first delivery!

Have you tried HelloFresh or another meal delivery service? How did it go for you?



6 comments on “Menu Monday – HelloFresh”

  1. I love the sound of this! I haven’t heard of meal delivery boxes but I’d love to give it a try as I’m awful for eating so much rubbish!
    Claire xo

  2. I have tried Blue Apron before, but was always curious about Hello Fresh. I’m about to move into a new apartment and want to learn how to cook, so this looks like an amazing way to learn how to! xo

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