Month: February 2017

Toddler Toy Obsession

Welcome back to Toddler Tuesday! I am assuming if you have a toddler, you probably would love to know of a toy that your toddler will actually play with for more than five minutes. Well, if you have a little girl, I may be able to help you out. (more…)

Toddler Trouble

toddler tuesdayI started this blog about two weeks ago and the main question I get is “how do you find the time to blog?” It is a very relevant question. Since the days are pretty full, I try to get in about an hour a few nights a week. (more…)

Easy Egg Waffles

Who doesn’t love waffles? We got a waffle maker this year for Christmas and have had so much fun with it. Who knew all the things you can make besides just regular waffles! We have made waffle grilled cheese and waffle peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in it. Most recently, we decided to try egg waffles. Even Gavin loved these and he usually will not eat eggs. (more…)

Toddler Transitions

This is by no means a parenting blog. I am definitely not here to give advice. I just want to share the struggles and moments in our life with a toddler. That is why I want to do a series call Toddler Tuesday for the next few weeks. This one is called Toddler Transitions. I eluded to sleeping issues in a previous post. If you do not have sleep issues with your baby or toddler, you are very fortunate. (more…)

Preschool Art Auction

Graylie’s preschool is in the middle of hosting an art auction. I had seen the flyers on the doors and read the emails. I really didn’t know what it was all about. On Monday afternoon when I went to pick her up, all the art was displayed in the lobby. Each classroom was responsible for creating a piece of artwork that would be bid on throughout the week. I have to say I was very impressed! All of the proceeds are going to the charity, Bright Blessings. I loved this idea so much I wanted to share it with you! Here are some pictures of the artwork that was created.


Creating a Reading Nook

I’ve always loved the idea of creating a reading nook for my kids. When we moved last summer, we had to rethink our play area. What would have been the playroom in our old house was now the first room you saw when you walked into the front door. I am still working on this area, but it has come a long way. I wish I had a before picture. One project that went into this room was a reading nook. I found an idea on Pinterest that I really liked. The only problem was I didn’t know how to go about finding what was used. That is why I am going to provide you with details of what went into the creation of our reading nook. (more…)