52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 12 – Make Fun Cards Using Paper Scraps

Cardmaking Using Paper Scraps

It has been a few months since I’ve scrapbooked. Last spring I started a scrapbooking challenge where I would use a kit each month to get three layouts completed. I really enjoyed that and hope to start it up again soon. When I was using the kits, there would always be paper and embellishments left over. Of course, I kept all of that in hopes that I would eventually use it. I have been collecting them for months in my craft cabinet. (more…)

52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 11 – Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flowers - Great Spring Craft

It finally feels like spring is in the air here in North Carolina! We took advantage of the nice day this past weekend and decided to do some painting outside. I thought this would be a great week to do a spring craft for the 52 Weeks of Pinterest Challenge. I have lots of crafts pinned but this particular pin for Egg Carton Flowers caught my eye. I like to choose projects that don’t require a lot of extra supplies if at all possible. We actually had everything we needed for this one. (more…)

Scholastic Book Club Orders – $1 Books (Spring 2018)

Scholastic Book Club Orders - $1 Deals

Do your kids love getting the Scholastic Book Club Flyers each month at school? I know mine do! I love that they get excited about books. I wish I could get them every book in there. That is just not possible and I’m sure others feel the same way. Did you know that almost every flyer has a book offered for only $1.00? And that you don’t have to just order from your child’s flyer? There are usually some pretty great books to be found if you just look through the online catalog. Since I know we are all busy, I have put a list together of all the books I was able to find that are currently being offered for only $1.00. These prices should stay $1 through the end of the school year. (more…)

52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 9 – Homemade Glitter Play Dough

52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 8 – Bento Box Lunch Prep

Bento Box Lunch PrepLast week was Week 8 of the 52 Weeks of Pinterest Challenge. I have always loved the idea of having lunches prepped for the whole week. I have pinned lots and lots of ideas on how to create lunch bowls, bistro boxes, mason jar salads, etc. Even though I am at home now, it is still really helpful to have my lunch already prepped. I don’t want to waste precious time trying to come up with something for lunch each day. (more…)

52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 7 – DIY Dollar Tree Basket

52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 6 – Peanut Butter Balls

Clean Eating Peanut Butter Balls

We made it through our Whole 30 Challenge last week just in time for Super Bowl Weekend! It has been nice to not be so strict about what we are eating. We still want to continue trying to eat better though. So, when I started thinking about what to serve during the Super Bowl, I immediately went to Pinterest. I knew I wanted to have the Whole 30 Ground Beef Nachos and the Apple Nachos.  We had both of these while we were on the Whole 30 and they were a couple of our favorite recipes. I just wasn’t sure what kind of sweet treat I wanted to make. This was mostly for the kids, but let’s be real…..if I make something, I am definitely going to eat it. (more…)

January Whole 30 – Week 4 Recap

Whole 30 Week 4 Recap and ResultsWe officially made it through the Whole 30! Overall this has been a great experience. I have been able to tame my raging sweet tooth (the sugar dragon) and in the process lost five pounds. I would highly recommend the Whole 30 to anyone who wants to eat healthier but doesn’t know where to start. It has helped me be more aware of what we are eating and to pay attention to the ingredients on all those nutrition labels. (more…)

52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 5 – Homemade Taco Seasoning

Homemade Taco Seasoning

This week for 52 Weeks of Pinterest I decided to do something super simple and make my own Taco Seasoning. Since we’ve been on the Whole 30 journey, I’ve really been reading labels on everything we eat. You would not believe how hard it is to find anything without added sugar. I felt really good about the Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning that we had been using forever and assumed it would be Whole 30 compliant. Nope! When I turned the package over to read the label, there it was….cane sugar. Other than that, the Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning is a great choice compared to other name brands that have questionable ingredients. (more…)